I think that Karen is absolutely…I mean, look at her, she’s a remarkable specimen! I think categorically she is the sexiest companion that has ever lived…oh God, did I say that? Well, that hair, those limbs, that surprising brain…it’s like she’s from another planet.

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karen and matt

'Peter now has a nickname for me: the artist formerly known as JLC’


Yesterday I went to Wizard World Comic Con. As I’m a whovian, the person I was most excited to meet was Matt Smith. The times for my autograph from him and my photo op with John Barrowman, unfortunately, were very close together so my brother got in line for the autograph in case I wasn’t finished with the photo op in time. Just as I was about to pose with John, my brother met me, showing me the autographed picture. I started to get really emotional. All I wanted was to have a few-minute conversation with Matt (we wouldn’t get a chance to do that in the photo op, but we would have in the autograph session) and I’d missed my chance because the ticket had already been used. I went downstairs and watched Matt signing autographs, which made me even more emotional. I’ll admit, watching him talking and laughing with fans made me cry both out of disappointment and admiration. At one point he looked up at me and gave me a sad smile, spotting my tears. When the line was empty, he began to draw with his marker on the tablecloth in his booth. Then, he ripped out the section of the plastic cloth he’d scribbled on. As he was walking out of the booth, flanked by guards, he handed me the crumpled up cloth without a word, as I’m sure he wasn’t allowed to verbally interact with the fans on his way to and from sessions. It turned out to be a crude yet beautiful self-portrait, signed and everything. When we took the photo below, I quickly thanked him for it and he gave me a hug.

Single best day of my life.


+ “Walking down the stairs, how dramatic!” - Karen Gillan


Karen Gillan signing autographs in Chicago, IL ~ 24 August 2014

Wizard World Chicago 2014: Matt Smith & Karen Gillan Panel, Part 1

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